Updates are essential for maintaining a stable, industry leading EPOS that helps you operate and grow your business, they ensure that your point of sale not only functions smoothly, but that it integrates seamlessly with new and available technologies.


To avoid unnecessary interruption to your business please plan the upgrade outside of your trading hours, or at a time when you know you will be quiet.

Updating your intelligentpos terminals is an easy process

Updating your intelligentpos terminals is an easy process

However, it can take up to 30 minutes  to install the update to the application and migrate your data to the new version, so we recommend that this is carried out during your quietest time of day or preferably outwith your trading hours.

How To Update intelligentpos

How To Update intelligentpos

The process for updating your intelligentpos EPOS will depend on which version of our software you currently have installed. Take a look at our FAQ's to learn how to update from intelligentpos 4.0. and above to the latest version, or if you are running a version below 4.0 follow these steps

Updating your intelligentpos terminals is an easy process

Turn off Automatic Updates on your iPad

We all love things to be done automatically, just not during your busiest trading period. To avoid interruption to your service, simply turn off automatic updates on your iPad, you can then choose the best time to update your intelligentpos terminal


Discover new ways to manage your business

New Functions layout including clearer and faster to navigate menu design with updated icons 

New updated design which allows you to find a product by scrolling through your colour coded product list or by searching via keyboard input

Updated design, making it easier for you to view your closed orders, process refunds and re-print receipts

Updated numeric keyboard design, available throughout the app on various features and functions

  • Total number of receipts now shown on Z Report
  • Total number of products sold now shown on Z Report
  • Total number of refunds processed now shown on Z Report
  • Tax breakdown now shown on Z Report

During any intelligentpos update it is necessary to migrate your database to the new version of the app. 

Check that your iPad is connected to a power source when updating intelligentpos, and do not close the app until the update is complete as this could result in data loss.  

Online Product Management

Online Product Management

We are now able to provide our customers with the functionality to remotely manage their department, categories, and products. Simply login to your Backoffice to create, edit, and delete products and categories. With this new version you can change the name, price, colour, and so forth, all from the comfort of your laptop or smartphone, which will then automatically sync across all your iPads.

Online User Management

Online User Management

The new Backoffice will allow our customers to remotely manage your staff members. If Rowan has left and gone backpacking to Sweden with his girlfriend or the lovely Harriet has been promoted to Assistant Manager, you can now edit and delete staff members from the system, as well as create new users and change login credentials, on any device, anytime anyplace.

Online Product Management

Online Analysis / Reporting

No need to readjust your screens: we have completely overhauled reports. Each report now offers better and more detailed insights, easier time period navigation and, wherever possible, easier to understand, aesthetically improved, actionable graphs. You can export your data, navigate through your transactions easily, and understand exactly how your business is performing.


Faster transactions. Brand new look.

Sell smarter with the beautiful iZettle Reader

  • Bluetooth connection
  • All-day battery life
  • Super-fast payments
  • Supports Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay

A better way to get paid

We would like to thank our Beta Customers for helping us test and launch intelligentpos Version 4.0