Elie is a popular seaside town in the East of Fife, Scotland. Charming and picturesque, this popular holiday destination attracts windsurfers and golf aficionados. In the High Street we find Appleton’s of Elie, a shop specialising in gifts and home interiors and run by Julie Grieve in partnership with her husband, Neil.

The project was originally conceived by Julie’s mother-in-law, who owned Appleton's for eleven years. The idea occurred to her when she realised that the town, despite being a tourist destination, didn’t have any gift shops. In 2015, Neil and Julie, looking for a change of life, decided to take the reins and both moved to Elie.



Appleton’s is a compact, stylish gift shop filled with numerous delights in which you can spend hours without noticing how quick the time has flown. Julie defines her catalogue of products as huge, varied and vast. Candles, cards, toys, children's books, lamps, scarfs, handbags and jewellery, among many other delightful items that’ll embellish our homes and lift our spirits.

Because of this endless and eclectic list, when Julie and Neil took the reins of Appleton's they chose iZettlr Pro (formerly intelligentpos) to help them manage it. She finds iZettle Pro stock control especially useful. With an old system, it was impossible to know when she was about to run out of her bestsellers; however, Julie’s now sure that one of her most popular products, a sweet mug with the message “I’d rather be in Elie”, is always in stock.



In addition to this, iZettle Pro system is also extremely useful when tracking zero rate VAT items, such as children’s books or toys. Julie’s mother-in-law used a very old fashioned till and worked very hard writing everything down on different papers. Nowadays, Julie can select the VAT rate with our app.

When imagining the future, she’d like to have three or four other shops across the United Kingdom, Offering the possibility of negotiating better prices with her suppliers and designing and exploring other business models. Julie’s aware that Appleton's is very seaside motivated, while other areas or audiences may not require the same range of products. This isn’t only exciting, it’s also the best advice she gives to those who’d like to start a business like hers: you have to be very focused on the type of customer you have.