A vibrant venue in the creative heart of London

The Soho Theatre Bar lies right slap bang next to the Soho Theatre, which is, funnily enough, in Soho, the creative heart of London. With an intimate 150-seat theatre, as well as Soho Upstairs’ performance space and Soho Downstairs for their cabaret, The Soho Theatre is bustling, electric and exciting, now welcoming 167,000 people a year. But of course, as every thespian and board-treader knows, behind every good theatre is the theatre bar, which, in this case, is every bit as vibrant a venue as its theatrical co-star. We sent our team down to meet Sebastian Collins, the bar’s Assistant Manager, to find out the script behind their choice of an iZettle Pro (formerly intelligentpos) system.



For Sebastian and his team, it was a pretty simple decision: ‘We didn’t really search too far after we found iZettle Pro.’ After seeing all of the system’s capabilities yet simplicity, they were sold. One of the most valuable functions, says Sebastian, is the Backoffice Reporting system; in a venue such as theirs, where their audience or customer base is frequently changing, they need to be aware of their trends: ‘For each of the shows we have different audiences; different audiences prefer different types of drinks, so it just means that when we know another show is coming up which is similar, we can make sure that these drinks and these services are available for those shows.’



As Oscar Wilde wrote in his 1891 essay, The Truth of Masks, ‘the stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life’. Consequently, the bar is, as Sebastian points out, a ‘destination in its own right, lots of people come here to network [or] to meet’ as it is ‘a very comfortable bar’. Naturally, in order to be efficient, a very popular bar requires a very reliable till system, which Sebastian says they have found in iZettle Pro: ‘Because we’re busy, mistakes can happen…so it means everything is recorded; the Backoffice is so easy to go to and use, everything can be traced, everything can be tracked, I can go through at any point and find out an anomaly and it’s really, really easy for me to trace that, so it keeps my accounts much more precise.’



As any performer knows, the critic’s opinion is key. Luckily for us, it’s a rave review from The Soho Theatre Bar: ‘I would definitely recommend the system to others. Because it is very easy to set up, it means that the bar manager, whoever is making the system, is able to conform it to the way that they want to use it.’ With iZettle Pro, all the world’s a stage, and all bar managers are directors.