Nestled on the edge of the leafy village of Barton Mills, a short drive from Bury St Edmunds, lies the Pancake & Waffle Shack, a bustling restaurant creating a bit of a buzz. We sent our iZettle Pro (formerly intelligentpos) team down to sample a stack or five, and find out why they use the system.



Being situated on the outskirts of the village, the restaurant has a homely, comforting feel, serving up generous portions and making everything to order from fresh. However, there is another key aspect to their location: the proximity to the Fiveways Roundabout, a busy junction where the A11 London to Norwich trunk road, the North Norfolk and the Bury St.Edmunds roads meet. As a result, business is booming and Casey, the Operations Manager, says that she can see the Pancake & Waffle Shack “growing very fast, very quickly; we are planning to open between ten to twenty new ones on all the main roads around England over the next two to three years.” Perhaps its success is down to the wide menu they have on offer, the cosy atmosphere, and the fact that food is made from scratch, unlike the norm of the stereotypical service stations the restaurant competes with.



Perhaps it’s also fair to say that having an iZettle Pro till system to support them has been of benefit as well, as Casey reiterates: “This system is the only system we’ve had here; the reason being there’s so much you can do with it.”

With such a stream of visitors, staff need to be able to use the system effectively, which only takes a few minutes with the simplicity and efficiency of the iPad terminal: “The system is very easy to train staff on: there’s a specific training mode, so you can go on, press whatever buttons you like and it doesn’t go onto the reports at the end of the night.” Casey also adds that this is not the only way having iZettle Pro has improved staffing issues, saying it ”has helped us with our business as you can see when the busy peaks are; that way we can work our rota around that, having staff in when it is busier.” This, of course, means that we can now quickly grab our waitress and order another stack. Or five.