Festivals are a great way to get your business out there and noticed by a large audience. Our point of sale system allows you to continue trading, using only your iPad, even when your internet connection is down or unavailable.



Epos features for Festival Operators

With no license fees and flexible short-term subscriptions, you can forget about overspending on our POS system! You only pay for the period you use the system.

Our point of sale system is easily set up on your iPad in a matter of minutes. Simple log-in/out system means that you can have all staff working quickly when required.

Our cloud-based point of sale system stores all your information safely. In the event of loss, damage or theft of your iPad terminal, rest assured that all your business data is safe and stored securely, and can be easily retrieved and restored.

Set up your terminals before you hit the road so you’re ready to go on arrival. And once the fun is over, there’s no complicated take down procedure, simply pack up and go back home or head off to your next festival.

Offline mode

Simple to use

Integrates with Chip & PIN 


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Arrange a Demo with one of our specialists and let them tailor the ideal solution to suit your business’ needs.

By using intelligentpos running your business will be much more fun!




We’re much more than a traditional cash register shaped in the form of a beautiful app. We’re an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system and we want to revolutionise the way you make business. We’ll speed up your transactions, help you reward your loyal clientele and manage floats, among a long list of features.



You need to know your business insights to take wise decisions. When are your peaks and troughs? How many burgers, nachos and fish & chips do you sell every week? Do you have enough stock for the weekend? Know all this information in a few seconds by logging in to our Backoffice.



A business owner or manager needs to have up-to-date figures. The more up-to-date, the better. By downloading our Reports app for iPhone and Android, you won’t need to wait until midnight to see your business’s performance anymore. You’ll be able to consult these figures on the go: we offer precise, accurate reports in real-time.