Food trucks are fashionable and if your meals are on wheels then the world really is your oyster. With intelligentpos you can easily take your iPad-based POS system with you wherever you go.



EPOS Features for Food Trucks

Apply different pricing and tax rates to all your orders, whether take-out or delivery quickly and easily; no need to create separate products.

Does your food truck offer the same dish in various portion sizes? Our POS system offers product modifiers, which allow you to create different portion sizes and variations to suit your individual customer tastes and expectations.

Consumers nowadays don't often carry cash. Our EPOS system allows you to process credit card payments, contactless payments, Apple and Android Pay transactions quickly and easily. Make your customers’ lives easier, attract more business, sell more, and grow.

Simple to use

Back Office

Small and lightweight system



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We’re much more than a traditional cash register shaped in the form of a beautiful app. We’re an electronic point of sale (EPOS) system and we want to revolutionise the way you make business. We’ll speed up your transactions, help you reward your loyal clientele and manage floats, among a long list of features.



You need to know your business insights to take wise decisions. When are your peaks and troughs? How many burgers, nachos and fish & chips do you sell every week? Do you have enough stock for the weekend? Know all this information in a few seconds by logging in to our Backoffice.



A business owner or manager needs to have up-to-date figures. The more up-to-date, the better. By downloading our Reports app for iPhone and Android, you won’t need to wait until midnight to see your business’s performance anymore. You’ll be able to consult these figures on the go: we offer precise, accurate reports in real-time.

Case Study

Mother Clucker

intelligentpos has helped us engage with our customers and understand them better by giving us loads of information around how our sales work...

Mother Clucker slings tea-brined, buttermilk-soaked, twice-battered fried chicken from their cool and quirky converted US Army ambulance.

Watch the case study