Our retail iPad POS solution is full-featured, extremely versatile, cloud-based, and available at a fraction of the cost of other EPOS till systems for shops. Now you can rely on a retail system that will do all the big-data sales reporting for you, so you can focus on your customers



Retail Functions and Features

With simple and advanced stock managers you can check levels to make sure your orders are up to date and link ingredients to your recipes so you can keep track of what’s needed.

Create variant groups for different sizes or colours of your products, helping to maintain accurate stock levels.

Make it easy for you and quick for customers with integrated Chip & PIN.

Reward regular customers with loyalty points, set up promotions and offers, and collect customer data.

Create receipts with voucher amounts and easily put them through the till.

Add a customised pop-up message to any product to remind staff to upsell certain products.

Connect to Bluetooth scanners for easy, speedy scanning. Use the scanner to add, import and look up products.


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